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Eugene OR 97402

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Brand-shaping graphic design, product development and print services, since 2006.

The design process is an evolving craft. Always changing, yet staying true to it's core concept.  I offer strategic graphic design, branding, websites and marketing tools, customized to fit your unique needs and growth plan.

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Poster design & all Growth Collaborative branding by Awedore Studios.

Poster design & all Growth Collaborative branding by Awedore Studios.

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Power partners: Growth Collaborative

Not only do I work to provide stellar design services for all of my clients, but I also have a whole team of talented and vetted professionals with whom I can rely on.  You can too!   Whether you are searching for a growth strategy consultant, a videographer, a photographer, a copywriter or even a personal stylist - this team can help you grow, grow, grow. 

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Portfolio note: All current branding and client design portfolios throughout Growth Collaborative are the works of Kellee Ratzlaff of Awedore Studios.